Tuesday, 27 October 2009


So, did you go? If you did you will know it was a fabulous day! There was such a lovely atmosphere, helped muchly by the live music and gin in tea cups!

My favourites of the day which I wish I had bought things from, but didn't because I was trying to be good....I knew I'd only live to regret it!

Lindsay Grime - recent ECA illustration graduate, fabulous illustrator and maker of amazing ceramic jewellery...
Lizzy Stewart
...more fabulous illustrations, fun zines and lots of bears :)

There's no plans for another yet, but fingers crossed it will become a more regular event - just what Edinburgh needs!

Monday, 19 October 2009


I can't believe I haven't mentioned MarchéMarché yet...the time is fast Saturday 12pm onwards to be precise and I am very excited to be involved. It's being organised by Kirsty Anderson of Wooden Tree and Susie Brown of SusieMaroon....there will be fancy cake, cocktails music...oh yeah and trinkets, doodles and fabulous things by a selection of Edinburghs finest... Far from your standard table trawling twee craft affair, which makes you flail your arms, yelp and run in the opposite direction, MarchéMarché oozes pizzazz....and I know you like pizzazz, so I expect to see you there?

Today I shall be working on all kinds of fabulous delights which (if they work) will be Lost in the Forest at
MarchéMarché exclusives! Hoorah!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

the hunt

I had the fortune to go to the West Park Place WASPS open studios on Saturday....Looking at art, and nosing into peoples space is a nice way to spend an afternoon!

I went to see Lisa, who makes fabulous silver, slate and gold jewellery, which I only wish I could afford!

I fell in love with the work of Christine Clark (pictured) and Jo Arskey, (not to be confused with the fabulous illustrations of Jo Askey :p) and again, only wish I had spare cash to spend on art. Repeating a little mantra of 'you can't eat art' all the way around seemed to help a little....although it was repeated with a sulky pout on my face.

So, now, high on the smell of oils and the visions of carefully collected clutter, I have upped the hunt for a studio space I can call my own (or our own, as Claira and Amy are also on the hunt) little cupboard is not working as, well it is just not working. It is a cupboard and I store things in there, bring them out and take over the whole flat with making things, and never put them away. But, ever concious of making too much mess, I control what I make, keep things simple and never paint....and right now it is making me a little this space I guess....we viewed one yesterday and looking at another....fingers crossed....