Friday, 25 February 2011

A cross stitched car followed by a random outpouring brought on by being in the house alone for 4 days with only the company of cats who insist on waking you up at 4.30am...

Cross stitched car....stunning! I just discovered the work of Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene via Embroidery as Art

I started a blog post last night which ended up being an apology for not I deleted it! I do need to start blogging again tho, if only to share the amazing things I stumble across on the interwebs. I've not really been making a great deal recently. Over the past few months I've kind of lost my creative mojo...everything I've started has frustrated me to the point of giving up, usually because that thing I need is at such and such rather than here, or I start and then leave it somewhere half finished forgetting that I ever started it. Living across three places (home, shop, boyfriends house) is a little crazy and nothing is ever where it should be. Running a shop is also a little crazy and takes up your entire being if you let it....which I more often than not do. It's always tricky trying to find a balance I guess...artist, designer, shopkeeper, girlfriend, friend, sister, daughter, aunty....Emily? (God knows how people cope with additional responsibilities of children....). It's even trickier when you're not feeling 100%. Coming up to 4 months now I have been ill with unknown cause and no diagnosis as yet, although yet another set of blood tests were sent off on Wednesday, so maybe something will show with the results next week...Even if I am never 'back to normal' it'd be a lot less frustrating knowing why and being able to work something out, although I've never been good at the work/life balance. How do you stop working when what you do is also what you do for fun? That's probably a stupid question and I kind of know the answer's just allowing myself to have time off that's the issue. 

Anyway, before I go around in circles and start answering my own questions with questions and never really getting to the point (or any point) I will stop and just say I'm going to attempt to make more....more work (and more not work....), more clothes, more time for myself...(and stop using so many brackets)