Thursday, 25 June 2009


New purse handmade from vintage Sanderson fabric. I love, love, love selvedges, so thought I'd make a feature of the script text of this. It fastens with a vintage wooden button and olive green velvet ribbon. As featured on Cuteable

Made in the Shade Summertime Hop and other stories

Made in the Shade went well, thanks to the hardwork that the Made in the Shade gals put in! I was a little more organised than I'd expected to be (due to the moving and illness) so that was quite good! I met lots of lovely people and chatted and looked at and bought some fabulous things, tapped my feet along to the music and generally had a good day...good but long.....around 18 hours start to finish....I was joined by the lovely Claira for most of the day (what a trooper!) and plotted and planned new and exciting this space!

Anyhoo....the new flat is going fabulously, all of our things were moved by a lovely man and his van called Michal on Monday. I'm currently away from my new abode, house and cat sitting for my sister. It's quite nice to be away from everything for a while, most things are still packed up at the new flat, I have a day off work today, so I actually have nothing to do....I am actually relaxing....whilst doing some online bits and pieces for Lost in the Forest - you can now be a fan our Facebook!..... this evening I will settle down with a takeaway and a film, covered in a furry cat shaped blanket or two!

More regular updates coming soon -BT have finally (after 3 days and numerous phonecalls) agreed with me that we actually do have a BT line in the flat so won't be charging me £120something to reconnect me - so internet will be in new flat by 2nd July!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Packing is still under way....but we finally move on Monday!! Normal service will resume shortly from the letter A.....or at least the basement flat below the house which the letter A is pointing to!

Please don't forget about the Made in the Shade summertime hop...20th June. Please come along if you can - it will be lots of fun!
Made In The Shade

Sunday, 7 June 2009

staring at an owl through a flowery porthole....

I am still alive, surrounded by boxes of 'stuff' and empty shelves waiting in eager anticipation for The Move.
I am mostly packed, which proves frustrating when I suddenly want to look at a book or watch a film, thank goodness the internet exists! All that is left to go is daily essentials - this includes fabric mountain, art materials, jewellery making stuff, computer, my toothbrush and coffee.

I am on a bit of a floral kick at the moment...maybe because of the beautiful weather, the vintage furniture fabrics I have been looking at, the big hole left by the disposal of my dried rose collection (I have been ruthless in my packing!) or the fact that my new flat will back onto the fabulous Botanics.....who knows how my mind works!?

All I know is that I want to fill my new flat with peonies, begonias, roses and beautiful floral vintagey things....such as this!

Utter perfection by littlepaperhome on etsy....I want a wall full please. Then I could make a giant chalk drawing of an owl, or something, although it would look as though you were spying on him through many floral portholes....I seriously think that would be the best wall in the world.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Made in the Shade Summer time Hop!

Well, what a fabulous weekend! Sun shining, relaxing with friends, over priced ice creams (when did a '99' suddenly start costing £2.00...with not even a hint of raspberry sauce in sight!?)
I knew it was going to be a fabulous weekend when I got the email from the Made in the Shade gals saying I can come and play at the Summer Time Hop! There is so much more information at their website....but this one is gonna be big! Indie shopping (of course!), puplic displays of yarn loving, crafty happenings, Flora the tombola, a bake sale, and loads more.... all swinging along to a vintage live music! It sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday.....Saturday 20th June to be exact!

Made In The Shade

Be there or be square! See you there!