Sunday, 26 April 2009

a shadow of myself

I would say my flat has returned to normal now that my ceiling has been fixed and walls painted, but I'd be lying. It's far from normal. It's a rare thing to be able to see this much carpet, to have cutlery in drawers and a have more than just a vague sense of order. But, it is nice and I think I may (attempt to) keep it like this! There are still the familiar piles of books and newspapers, but I can now navigate the rooms without having to climb over things. Anyway, having painted myself living in vile squalor, akin to Crack Fox in The Mighty Boosh I shall move on.

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that my little Etsy shop has been unloved for some time now. I'm hoping to rectify that.....soonish. No promises of time scales yet, as I'm sure to break them. All that I was complaining talking about going on and not going on a month ago, is still going on...although not for much longer! I have 1 week left of my internship. It has been fabulous, I have learnt so much. I thoroughly recommend anybody to go and do something you love, even if it seems so ridiculous and scary and means being destitute for a while. At times I can't see how I have coped (thank you Chloe - my sister - whom I live with and who has put food in the fridge and covered the odd bill when I couldn't) but it has been totally worth it....for myself, my confidence, my art, my career......I can quite happily say that I will be continuing to work there on a freelance basis, at least until August, and then we will see what happens next. . And the actual change - the end and the beginning happens on 30th April so celebrating at Beltane .

Well, this post has turned out nothing like I had was going to be about new work....I guess it was in a way....but more about the polaroids and the ideas I have forming...ho hum, maybe next time.....

Saturday, 18 April 2009

step inside and make yourself at home

I am slightly in love with this.
Bear sleeping bag Found via mermag

I am having a relatively lovely, lazy day. I have been taking it easy, ignoring the things piled up and packed away in anticipation of having the ceiling repaired.....playing on photoshop, reading online magazines, finding new blogs, re-visiting old ones, finding beautiful, amazing things and listening to magical sounds (Fern Knight, Marrissa Nadler (who is playing in Glasgow in a couple of weeks, which I am looking forward to lots.))

Friday, 17 April 2009