Saturday, 29 November 2008

It's a UK kind of day on etsy

Today, I have been out, out of my warm cosy studio in order to find important supplies which can't be delivered by the postman. I returned this evening to find a UK etsy invasion....and I seem to be somewhat at the forefront!

Firstly, a most wonderful article on UK sellers in the Storque written by the even more wonderful Eloise of HidenSeek.....not forgetting the, offered by Mr. Bear. (pictured above) Go read it here. I am in there, hiding in the snow!

Secondly, a treasury I created featuring lots of fabulous UK sellers hit the front page. Which is still available for your viewing pleasure just here....although some things have been replaced as they sold.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Made in the Shade shopping list :)

I am taking a short break from frantic glueing and stitching to have a little peruse at some of the exhibitors at next weekends (argh!) Made in the Shade and get Christmas gift ideas. I don't think I will get a chance to have a proper look round, as my little helper has decided to bugger off for a week right at the wrong time! Thank goodness for ye olde interweb!

Made by Mother beautiful textile & paper works.....fabulousness!

Kitty and Dude fine ceramics that laugh at you behind your back....Their bird and wing mugs would look amazing filled with my coffee ;)
Helen Gallogly Textiles & interior accessories....I am seriously in love with these cushions.

Unfortunately these would be gifts for myself, which I do not think is in the Christmas spirit. Bah, humbug!

Now back to work!!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Have I told you about Made in the Shade Festive Weekender?? More than likely, but I'm sure you don't mind another reminder!!

Made in the Shade is a fabulous indie market in Glasgow run my some fabulous ladies. This December they have pulled out all the stops ! Over the weekend there will be more than 70 designers showcasing their work - there will be clothes, toys, stationary and loads more!

Go here to see the full list of exhibitors.

On top of the 70 + designers you can also get yourself a fabulous vintage 'do - Ninas Vintage hair parlour will be there - all the way from London town!

And, possibly THE highlight of the whole weekend - The Parsonage will be serenading customers on Saturday!!

Surely all that is reason enough to bypass the high street this festive season!? No? Oh can also come and say hello to me!! I will be there selling fabulous things on Saturday and Sunday!! Come and say hi - my little helper will not be with me this time around :(

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

run away

I am escaping tomorrow....jumping on a train and going to see my parents. It's the place I end up whenever things get a little overwhelming. I think I'd probably feel much better if I just got the train there, and then came straight back - I love trains, well not the actual train, they're usually too cramped, noisy and filthy but the peace and freedom that comes from travelling is wonderful. Such a beautiful journey too, up the east coast of Scotland.........But yeah, I kinda thought as I was going so far I may as well stay for a few days :) Thankyou Sainsburys and your discount train voucher!!

Today I have been trying to decide what I need to take.....I'm hoping to continue with business as usual, just in a different location. Actually, not business as usual - a more pared down and focused way of working as I can only take a certain amount of 'rubbish' with me! Camera, Holga, things to sew....some fabric, needles, thread - hopefully my mothers sewing machine embroiders, I have emailed myself all required files that may need printing. I still have lots of treasure in my parents loft to be rediscovered, so papers and zips and stuffing and other sundries can stay here....
I'm quite excited :)

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Well, hello there! I'm feeling so much better today....not so much like the ghost in the clouded mirror anymore...

I have spent the day plotting, planning, list making...and umm twittering - quite addictive, but probably something I will be bored of next week, it probably won't be quite as amusing now I'm no longer in bed with the sickness.

I've been listing, and re-listing on etsy and have also added things to Folksy - again, this maybe a temporary thing, I see the advantage of a UK based marketplace, and UK prices...and it can only grow and improve, but right now I'm not too sure I can be bothered with 2 different shops (gasp!! Did I just admit to my slovenleness??) ....we shall see, time will tell....etc etc.

In other news I feel like having some kind of whirlwind love affair..........maybe I'm listening to the Magnetic Fields too that possible?

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Friday, 7 November 2008


Just a quick update....the etsy shop update, and really any work at all has been delayed by the birth of my first (and only) nephew. Both baby Zach and mum weren't too well after the birth, and had to stay in hospital (dad stayed too) so I have been running back and forth between various flats, shops and hospitals, looking after the new family as best I could. Unfortunately, I forgot to take care of I am currently writing from my sick bed! I'm hoping a few hot toddies, tea and blog reading will nurse me back to health in a day or so (where is a handsome, caring man when you need one??) so I can go and visit my sisters new family now they're well and back at home!

Oh, and get lots of work done too....Lost in the Forest will be appearing at Made in the Shade III - Festive Weekender....I will talk more of that later when I am well!