Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Well, hello there! I'm feeling so much better today....not so much like the ghost in the clouded mirror anymore...

I have spent the day plotting, planning, list making...and umm twittering - quite addictive, but probably something I will be bored of next week, it probably won't be quite as amusing now I'm no longer in bed with the sickness.

I've been listing, and re-listing on etsy and have also added things to Folksy - again, this maybe a temporary thing, I see the advantage of a UK based marketplace, and UK prices...and it can only grow and improve, but right now I'm not too sure I can be bothered with 2 different shops (gasp!! Did I just admit to my slovenleness??) ....we shall see, time will tell....etc etc.

In other news I feel like having some kind of whirlwind love affair..........maybe I'm listening to the Magnetic Fields too that possible?

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