Monday, 27 October 2008

wet and windy weekend in the shade

Well, Made in the Shade has been and gone, and a great time was had by all I think (apart from me feeling sick all afternoon from a dodgy sandwich) - thanks to everybody that showed up and said hi....I'm surprised it was as busy as it was due to the torrential rain that hovered over Glasgow & Edinburgh all weekend, but a bit of rain won't stop die hard shoppers, although it nearly stopped us getting out of the train station on the way home! I found out that it's quite hard to walk through a wall of water and wind!

Also huge thank yous to the Made in the Shade team and everybody else involved in the organising for putting the event on....and letting me be a part of it!! It's the first time Lost in the Forest has been out in public, and it was excellent being among such brilliant designers, in such a wonderful building, with wonderful customers! It is just a shame I didn't get time for much shopping.....although came away with plenty of business cards for future reference :D

I call for less rain next time please!!....this is me arriving home....

just a little wet!

P.S - the etsy shop is closed for re-stocking and things at the moment, but will be back up by the end of the week if all goes to plan!

For now, I have been tagged by Angie of Artangel.....

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So random, weird and interesting facts.....oh, interesting was never mentioned? - that's handy as I'm not sure how interesting mine will be!!
1. I will be an auntie in a few days (hopefully anyway - the baby is already a week and a half late!)
2. I work for a bank during the day.....which is something I never mention, but don't mind too much....for the time being anyway!
3. I have an ambition to open a gallery/art/craft space
4. Given a choice I prefer Rose wine.....but will really just drink what you're offering!!
5. I sometimes wish I'd done a history degree rather than an art degree....
6. I forgot how to spell additional today.
7. I'm not tagging anybody, as everybody has already done this - but if you're reading this and feel left out, or want to do it again then let me know!! What do you mean, that's cheating??

Sunday, 12 October 2008


I'm having a gentle end to what seems like the longest, shortest, worst, craziest week ever. Lots of glueing and embroidering and listening to fabulous things are being done today. Printing of new fabrics is not. My printer chooses it's times to break rather well. I managed to get a few new designs printed, but will have to investigate further into why it suddenly doesn't want to work today.

new faric, purses and lockets in progress

For any Scottish Sunday Times readers, you may have seen the Made in the Shade feature today...for those who aren't go here to see it. Only 2 weeks to go now....less than actually! It's going to be great fun, so get the date (25th October) in your diary and keep checking the website for updates.

Thursday, 2 October 2008