Friday, 28 December 2007

Well, the festivities are over, atleast until Sunday anyway, when the New Year festivities begin! Christmas has been good this year. Two of my three sisters and one of their boyfriends came to stay and much fun (and cheese) was had by all!

I thought I'd fit in atleast one more days work before the year is out, so began work on my new website today. It's been a while since I've done any substantial web design, so it has taken me a while to get back into it. But thus far, I'm pleased with the results, although a lot of tweaking is still required before I actually show it to anybody. So watch this space I guess!

I had a really good chat with a friend I haven't really seen or spoken to for a long time yesterday. It really cheered me up no end to think that there are people out there who still care and who you still totally click with no matter how long it's been. It's sometimes easy to forget that you're not on your own when you live in the middle of nowhere! Not that I don't love my parents company!! So the following things are in honour of that conversation yesterday!

from charliemotel on etsy. I actually bought a small print of this for my sister 2 days before Christmas and it arrived the next day! Highly recommended seller and sweet stuff!
LilyMoon on etsy - I adore these pins, I just can't decide which I want most!
The Beautiful Project on etsy

Tea and cake, knitting, prettiness and goats - but good goats are hard to find!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

lacking mytholgical inspiration

I have a dilemma on my hands. My sisters birthday party is fancy dress. The theme is mythology. Of any kind. I thought I had the perfect idea for a costume, I was going to be Idun, Norse Goddess of immortality. Golden apples and a beautiful dress is my kind of costume, I thought nobody else would think of that. Except they did! I had a phonecall from my sister today, who heard about my plans from my eldest sister. She thought she'd phone to let me know that her flat mate was also planning to go as Idun. After a three way conversation between flat mate and myself with my sister as the go-between, we decided that the flat mate should be Idun...afterall, she is actually Norweigan. So now, with 1 day left to prepare I have no idea what to go as.

I have a room full of fabric and wikipedia for inspiration, but nothing is happening! I'm just in a panic.

One thing I'm glad of (kind of) is that I spent the afternoon making my sisters birthday gift instead of the dress which would have been Idun's. Unfortunatley, the gift was a distaster, so I wasted my time anyway, but had I made the dress I'd be more inclined to put my foot down and have both of us, or just me be Idun! And that would not make a nice Emily!
Last resort is a generic fairy. I do not want to be a fairy!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007


My first post on hello, hi, how do?

Everything is a little sparse right now as I try to figure this thing out!

Today, I am in search of Christmas gifts, but I'm having a lot more success in finding gifts for myself...although I am not buying, only looking and wanting.

I am in love with this...

Glass Chickadee Vase from
Three Potato Four it would look beautiful on my dressing table....but alas, it is not a Christmas gift, so unfortunatley it has to stay where it is.

Also, this Shinzi Katoh Alice in Wonderland tea set, it doesn't need explaining really as I love both Alice in Wonderland and tea cups separatley. Alice in Wonderland + teacups = amazing! Also from
threepotatofour i'm quite in love with everything they have actually, i'm browsing in the background....Oooh more pretties!
Apple bowl by Shinzi Katoh, which reminds me of some fabric I have that needs making into a skirt before I go to Edinburgh.

This year, I'm finding gift making/buying difficult. I've usually got hundreds of ideas for everybody, but for mother and my sisters I'm getting quite stuck. Dad was easy this year, he was sorted in August, I found the ideal thing in a junk shop in Birmingham, then last week me and mother went to the garden centre, where I also bought him a book about porridge! I wasn't really convinced, but mum said it was ideal. He was later overheard telling my yougest sister that there was a book about porridge he really wanted - mother then convinced him he didn't want it (atleast he didn't want my sister to get it!)
I think my problem is that the past couple of months seem to have vanished, what with moving house and 'settling in'. I know there is still two weeks until Christmas, but it just doesn't seem long enough! My art and craft things are mostly still in boxes, with some things being un-findable which is hindering the creative gifting. Lack of transport and decent local shops are hindering the commercial gifting. I'm sure it will all come together! And there is always Edinburgh, which is where I'm off to this weekend for littlest sisters birthday party. Littlest sister makes her sound very young! But she'll be 22!!

I have made a start on her birthday present. It shall be finished tomorrow with a coordinating thing to, well coordinate!

It is very cold here right now, although apparantly 7degreesC it feels a lot colder than yesterdays -4, so I think I shall go and wrap up warm and save my cat from the hoards of hair straightening electricians that are staying here tonight.