Thursday, 19 March 2009


The past few weeks seem to have disappeared in a blur. There has been so much going on, yet not all that much at all.

The internship is going well....I am more than half way through this now, which seems ridiculous. 3 months is not a very long time really. I've also been chasing people on what seems like an endless journey of paperwork and protocol, incompetent staff and misunderstandings. These 2 things combined have meant I have upped my search for paid employment....short term, long term.....anything really....shine your shoes guvnor?

I am also battling with creating work...not through any lack of ideas or motivation - more a sense of guilt that I am not spending my time looking for a job, beacuase I need money and need to live. I finally came to realise this week (ok, my dad actually pointed it out to me) that my art is my work, I shouldn't feel guilty about making time for it. It may not actually be making me a great deal of money right now, but without it there is nothing, no progression and no future and I may as well be back working in a mind numbing job that I hate for the rest of my life!

Early tomorrow morning I am disappearing for a few days. A much needed break from every thing that is here....except maybe my sisters who will also be travelling north for our mothers 60th. It will be fabulous to get out of the city, untie myself from the computer, untangle myself from the shit that's going on here and just breathe......

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing

I went to see this exhibition a couple of weeks ago...last week? Some time in the not so distant past anyway.

The exhibition takes the title from the Francis Alÿs film which features in the's about
transformation. But also persistence and endurance. I was quite amazed that the artist manages to smoke a cigarette pretty much the whole time he is pushing the block of ice through Mexico City.
It also has work by Cornelia Parker (above) Callum Innes, Peter Liversidge,
Iran do Espírito Santo and others.
The whole exhibition is witty and quite refreshing....definitely worth a visit.

the ingleby gallery website says things so much better than I ever could on a Sunday morning!