Saturday, 31 January 2009

Today I went a wandering....down a 'silver thread in a ribbon of green'. I decided I need to explore this city that I have found myself living in. It is quite amazing how it is enclosed by the city, yet feels, at times a million miles away. I shall be wandering that way again I think.

As I was walking, I planned activities for my return home, finishing off the dress I started yesterday, priming some canvas for new paintings, stitching pendants and wrist cuffs whilst watching a film, cooking fabulous food.....But instead, I have come home and done nothing. (I am so tired, and obviously need to wander on a more regular basis!) Ok, so nothing is maybe a little bit of an exaggeration. I have ordered new supplies, (over)cooked a baked potato, and read blogs, followed links, listened to music and generally done things which require little brain power, or tidying up. Now, I shall watch that film, or just fall asleep when the lights are turned off.... over optimistic to-do list will have to wait until tomorrow!

Friday, 30 January 2009

chasing daylight from the sky

So, as usual I'm probably a little late in mentioning news - but hooray for the saviour of Polaroid! I can now carry on snapping, burning, screwing up, scratching, and generally destroying my film without feeling like I am killing the last of an ancient generation. I have been saving my last few boxes of film.....I didn't want to let go.....but now I don't have to!! Thank you Mr. Florian Kaps.

Read more here @ the Independant

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

If you go down to the woods today...

So I'm doing things a little differently this year. No more bitty updates in the Etsy shop. Instead, whole collections. At the same time. Shocking. So, I'm beavering away ready for next week when I will have an update!

Incidentally, beaver (ignoring references to lady parts) is my new favourite word - did you know, it is also slang for beard. I'm quite fond of beards...

Anyhoo, beards aside (haha, I not have an image of all you men (as there are an awful lot of bearded men who read my blog) sweeping your beards to one side in anticipation of what is about to be said) is a sneak preview of what's coming next week. A little bit of a foresty theme, british birdies, eggs and leaves, maybe some mushrooms and moss and feathers. Maybe even some patchwork quilts and a picnic thrown in for good measure....

There may very well be further sneak previews, so please check back soon - or check the shop out next week for newness!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Etsyversary sale!

I told you it would be exciting! I've joined up with Indiesmiles and I'm offering 20% off all full priced items in the shop using the code 20SMILES from 16th-31st January! Just enter the code in the message to seller at checkout and wait for a revised invoice, or partial refund if you're impatient and want to pay immediately!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Excitement....coming soon!

It's coming up to a year since I started selling on Etsy. Not my real 'Etsyversary' as I was registered as a buyer before a seller. This is also actual time, not counting the 6 months I was without computer and therefore not selling, or making anything to sell as all of my stuff was in a box in a dusty attic somewhere ..... Anyway, a whole year....exciting eh?

It will be! Stay tuned for details of the excitement!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

lace and buttons

These earrings were featured in the Etsy Victorian inspired Storque article along with some fabulous vintage and victorian inspired pieces.

I am particularly in love with the little doily pouches from forestbound whose etsy shop is here and blog is here

P.S - Keep an eye out for a shop update - I'm awaiting an important delivery, which I am hoping will arrive soon!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

home is......

I have been thinking a lot about 'home' recently. What does it actually mean, and where is it?

I've moved around a lot, especially in the past year.......maybe more mentally than physically......I am not yet settled into my own nest. I feel like I am in a suspended place between the past and the future....this place doesn't quite exist and it refuses to fit. I'm like a snail who has found a new home in an empty can.

That all sounds a bit dispondant. It isn't. I know these things must happen, and we must go through these periods of change.....we all (hopefully, anyway) find a place where we fit eventually, or I guess make the place we are in fit a bit better, or realise it fitted all along.....or something!

And also, these times make you think....get ideas flying around your head, albeit at 2am when you're trying to sleep in the bed that doesn't feel like yours.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year

Aikey Brae, Aikey Brae,
Awa we gaed on the Sabbath day
The sichts that I saw nearly turned ma hair grey,
On the day we gaed tae Aikey.
(George Morris)

The decorations have come down (in theory, as we didn't actually have any in the flat), family have once again dispersed across the country and it's back to work for me. I'm working on new designs and new art work....I've seriously let this slide since moving to Edinburgh - tut tut at me.
But, with the new year comes renewed enthusiasm and such....(haha, so much enthusiasm I left this post open in another tab for hours and completely forgot I was writing it!)

Anyhoo, back to usual tomorrow, new things coming to the shop soon! I'll have a better date in mind later......and update in a proper manner when I can concentrate on something