Wednesday, 12 December 2007

lacking mytholgical inspiration

I have a dilemma on my hands. My sisters birthday party is fancy dress. The theme is mythology. Of any kind. I thought I had the perfect idea for a costume, I was going to be Idun, Norse Goddess of immortality. Golden apples and a beautiful dress is my kind of costume, I thought nobody else would think of that. Except they did! I had a phonecall from my sister today, who heard about my plans from my eldest sister. She thought she'd phone to let me know that her flat mate was also planning to go as Idun. After a three way conversation between flat mate and myself with my sister as the go-between, we decided that the flat mate should be Idun...afterall, she is actually Norweigan. So now, with 1 day left to prepare I have no idea what to go as.

I have a room full of fabric and wikipedia for inspiration, but nothing is happening! I'm just in a panic.

One thing I'm glad of (kind of) is that I spent the afternoon making my sisters birthday gift instead of the dress which would have been Idun's. Unfortunatley, the gift was a distaster, so I wasted my time anyway, but had I made the dress I'd be more inclined to put my foot down and have both of us, or just me be Idun! And that would not make a nice Emily!
Last resort is a generic fairy. I do not want to be a fairy!

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