Sunday, 12 October 2008


I'm having a gentle end to what seems like the longest, shortest, worst, craziest week ever. Lots of glueing and embroidering and listening to fabulous things are being done today. Printing of new fabrics is not. My printer chooses it's times to break rather well. I managed to get a few new designs printed, but will have to investigate further into why it suddenly doesn't want to work today.

new faric, purses and lockets in progress

For any Scottish Sunday Times readers, you may have seen the Made in the Shade feature today...for those who aren't go here to see it. Only 2 weeks to go now....less than actually! It's going to be great fun, so get the date (25th October) in your diary and keep checking the website for updates.


oldflowers4me said...

hello ,sweet girl-your blog world is over the top divine...i read down a bit and you have julie arkell's book-im screaming-i want to get that book-

Angie said...

You've been tagged! Please visit my blog for more details.