Wednesday, 19 November 2008

run away

I am escaping tomorrow....jumping on a train and going to see my parents. It's the place I end up whenever things get a little overwhelming. I think I'd probably feel much better if I just got the train there, and then came straight back - I love trains, well not the actual train, they're usually too cramped, noisy and filthy but the peace and freedom that comes from travelling is wonderful. Such a beautiful journey too, up the east coast of Scotland.........But yeah, I kinda thought as I was going so far I may as well stay for a few days :) Thankyou Sainsburys and your discount train voucher!!

Today I have been trying to decide what I need to take.....I'm hoping to continue with business as usual, just in a different location. Actually, not business as usual - a more pared down and focused way of working as I can only take a certain amount of 'rubbish' with me! Camera, Holga, things to sew....some fabric, needles, thread - hopefully my mothers sewing machine embroiders, I have emailed myself all required files that may need printing. I still have lots of treasure in my parents loft to be rediscovered, so papers and zips and stuffing and other sundries can stay here....
I'm quite excited :)

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