Friday, 7 November 2008


Just a quick update....the etsy shop update, and really any work at all has been delayed by the birth of my first (and only) nephew. Both baby Zach and mum weren't too well after the birth, and had to stay in hospital (dad stayed too) so I have been running back and forth between various flats, shops and hospitals, looking after the new family as best I could. Unfortunately, I forgot to take care of I am currently writing from my sick bed! I'm hoping a few hot toddies, tea and blog reading will nurse me back to health in a day or so (where is a handsome, caring man when you need one??) so I can go and visit my sisters new family now they're well and back at home!

Oh, and get lots of work done too....Lost in the Forest will be appearing at Made in the Shade III - Festive Weekender....I will talk more of that later when I am well!

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eeniemoni said...

Congratulations, Auntie