Sunday, 7 June 2009

staring at an owl through a flowery porthole....

I am still alive, surrounded by boxes of 'stuff' and empty shelves waiting in eager anticipation for The Move.
I am mostly packed, which proves frustrating when I suddenly want to look at a book or watch a film, thank goodness the internet exists! All that is left to go is daily essentials - this includes fabric mountain, art materials, jewellery making stuff, computer, my toothbrush and coffee.

I am on a bit of a floral kick at the moment...maybe because of the beautiful weather, the vintage furniture fabrics I have been looking at, the big hole left by the disposal of my dried rose collection (I have been ruthless in my packing!) or the fact that my new flat will back onto the fabulous Botanics.....who knows how my mind works!?

All I know is that I want to fill my new flat with peonies, begonias, roses and beautiful floral vintagey things....such as this!

Utter perfection by littlepaperhome on etsy....I want a wall full please. Then I could make a giant chalk drawing of an owl, or something, although it would look as though you were spying on him through many floral portholes....I seriously think that would be the best wall in the world.

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cabin + cub said...

That is cute! And a whole wall would look so lovely!