Friday, 9 May 2008

Since my last post I've been working pretty much everyday (today is my second day off - the first wasn't really a day off as I had lots of things to sort) I didn't even get to do all the things I had planned the morning of that post. On my way to the art shop I got a phone call asking if I could work that afternoon. But hooray for work - it means I can move out faster than originally planned. I now have the task of trying to find a suitable place to live. I'm not having much luck so far, but it's still early days I guess. Everywhere I've found is either too expensive, or too far from my job....or advertised by people who come across as lunatics! The joys of shared housing!

I've spent the day browsing charity shops, book shops and occasionally stopping for a coffee and newspaper break. My only purchases were 2 dusty books from a second hand book shop which is closing down. One on family psychology the other on morals. They will find their way into some work when I get the space to make some!
I really wish I had the space (and equipment) to make work here. My hands have nothing to do and I feel like I'm wasting time. I am not used to having 'free time'.

My free time this evening will be spent making food for my sister, then going to meet my other sister and others in the pub. Not very productive, but still a pleasant way to 'waste' time!

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