Sunday, 7 September 2008

broken face and pretty things

Today has been such a lovely day. A perfect Sunday, which could possibly only have been bettered with the addition of a walk in the countryside and a nice pint and meal in proper pub with an open fire.

After a fabulous breakfast of coffee and scrambled eggs myself and sister headed out. The morning was spent foraging for treasure at the local car boot sale - where for the first time in weeks I bought something, or maybe a few somethings! Beautiful pieces of vintage lace, fabric, fur, old books about Masonic practices and an Observers book of trees.

Then onto John Lewis where we spent ages looking at yarn and fabric, laughing at hideous patterns and dreaming that we lived inside a Rowan pattern book....although maybe the last one was just me. We bought a few things and then headed to other sisters flat for coffee and food.

The film watching last night did not go entirely to plan, in fact it just didn't go at all. I was trying to be clever (read as I was being lazy and couldn't be bothered to fetch something to stand on) retrieving DVDs from the top shelf, which are rather unhelpfully piled on top of each other. Anyway, I was brutally attacked by a this pile of DVD's falling down on to my face....this included a rather large Hitchcock box set. Ouch!! Today I have a slight black eye and a very sore nose! And I'm not sure I deserve any pity because it was all my own fault! So tonight I will grab a DVD from the safety of the floor where they fell - I daren't pick them up last night for fear of being attacked for a second time - and settle down with the banana cake my sister is currently making and the yarn I bought and cast on the hat I promise I will finish before the year is out.

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