Saturday, 14 February 2009

I heart............

So, I guess it is the appropriate day for me to be posting these, although really valentines day is a bit crap and to be honest, collecting and needles & thread should happen on every day of the year anyway, so it really makes no difference what the day is.

Anyhoo, I discovered Sophie Isobel yesterday, whilst checking out who 'follows me' on here. I'm so glad I did. Everything she creates is simply perfect. The two above I think were somehow destined for me. Also right now, until 20th all proceeds of sales will go to the Redcross Bush Fire Appeal in Australia, so if you are umming and ahhing then please stop and just go and buy something!

So, Valentines day really means very little to me being of the single actually meant very little to me when I was part of a couple too.....But, nontheless, I am slightly annoyed that tonight I have been stood up (by my sister who is still ill no less) and so I am not going out to the Bob & Roberta Smith thing, or the gig I really wanted to go to. I do not go out alone, unless I have arranged to meet somebody there.....maybe it's something I should get over?

What are your Pro or Anti-Valentines plans? Mine are sitting here, having a couple o'beers and dreaming of the prints I shall be making tomorrow and listening to The Magnetic Fields