Saturday, 16 May 2009

on the shore...

I had a lovely day today perusing the antique shops and charity shops of Edinburgh....I found a few old treasures, some of which have already been transformed into new treasures and some which have joined the ever increasing pile of beautiful things I'm not quite sure what to do with yet.

A selection of new necklaces & brooches (above) are coming to the shop very soon...I'm quite excited about much so that one....or two might not actually make it! I will replace with something equally fabulous...:) I just have to wait for the sun to stay out for a wee bit so I can take some pictures that don't look so....blurry!

I'm on a bit of a military/nautical/damsel/fair lady kick at the possibly has something to do with the constant stream of traditional folk songs and sea shanties played in this flat.......

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Carol Anne Strange said...

It sounds like you had a blissful day gathering treasures. :)

I absolutely adore Edinburgh and must make plans to travel north again before too long.