Thursday, 29 April 2010

Springtime Jamboree

Lost in the Forest ventured out for the first big event of the year a couple of weeks ago.

Made in the Shade delivered, as always a fantastic event and it was lovely to be back in The Lighthouse, surrounded by such fabulous always it's just a shame that I never get a chance to have a really good look around!

I brought out some old favourites, as well as some brand new designs that seemed to go down quite well :) 


Feel like you missed out on a great day? Well, fear not! Made in the Shade is coming to Edinburgh next month - I'm rather excited (possibly because I won't have to get up at an ungodly hour to get to Glasgow, or worry about cancelled trains! But obviously for all the proper reasons as well..) and you should be too! 

Made In The Shade


feltmeup designs said...

your stall looks gorgeous!

Lost in the Forest said...

Thank you!

Anna Lisa said...

hi there, i bought a very cute brooch with a bow made of a tape measure at the jamboree in Edinburgh t'other week, but the first time I tried to wear it the brooch clasp fell apart and the bow fell off the brooch :( . Just thought I'd let you know, maybe there was a problem with the glue?? pretty brooch all the same! cheers

Lost in the Forest said...

I'm sorry about that Anna Lisa - email me to sort a replacement!

Anonymous said...

I love your both set up !