Sunday, 10 July 2011


When we were swapping the flat around to allow more space for me to work from I found an undeveloped Holga film. I had absolutely no recollection of when it was from or where it was shot, so took it to be processed half thinking it wouldn't come out very well (if at all).
I was slightly surprised to find pictures of my ex boyfriend in here...but at least it dates the film somewhat to over 3 years ago. It's on a trip to Slains Castle which is possibly one of my favourite places ever.

Double & triple exposed, cross processed slide film. Fuji Velviva 100f

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Frugaldom said...

Look after your photographs of Slains. I was so saddened to see Aberdeen Council had deemed the place suitable for granting planning permission (around 2008) for the ruin to be redeveloped into luxury housing. To my knowledge, there has been no development work started, but I haven't been there for some time. Must find out, now that I've been reminded. :)