Monday, 14 January 2008

bad day....deer me!

I'm not having such a great day today. It started off well, so it wasn't a 'wrong side of the bed day'. I say well, but there was nothing great that happened, and nothing of particular note. Just an average day.
I think things started going wrong when I started working. My sewing machine insisted on eating everything, no matter how many times I re-wound the bobbin and no matter how I changed the I gave up and did some jewellery things instead. That was going well, but getting to a point where I could do no more, I came back to the computer to print out some images ready for transferring. It won't print!! Just error after error!! I know it's my own fault, as yesterday I was wistfully looking at new fancy printers. I've obviously made my current printer jealous, so he is now refusing to do anything. Pah!
I broke for lunch, and afterwards went back to the jewellery, only to find out I've run out of a vital supply!! Back to the computer to find it. Well they apparantly only exist on one ebay listing in America, who are charging $6.50 p&p plus $3.55 per additional item. Now this is just extortion! Now, I could understand if these things weighed more than 5 grams each. But they don't. I think I can make do without - or atleast find a suitable replacement. Hell, I could probably use something of better quality for less than that! (disclaimer: not that i'm using poor quality supplies you understand :) ) So I will.

Anyway enough about today, as I have resigned. Just for the rest of the day anyway.

I have been buying lots of supplies recently. Mainly to replace things that were left behind when I moved, paper for instance. But I bought some fabulous things yesterday, much more exciting things than paper, which will remain secrets until I figure out if I can actually do what I want to with them.

And talking of fabulous things, I found out about some auctions happening (fairly) locally, which I really hope I can get to. Atleast the one which is just down the road. I also discovered a market - it sounds fantastic, but I'm sure it probably isn't as fantastic in real life as it is in my head. It's also pushing 70 miles away, which probably doesn't sound that far away to people living outside of the UK, but for a girl with no car, no public transport headed in that direction and unhelpful parents who refuse to drive their beloved daughter 70 miles so she can buy 'bits of tat' to fill their home with, it is quite a distance!

Well I was going to prettify this post with pictures of new things for the shop - but as nothing reeeally got done today you can see this instead.....yes a picture of me!

Finally received and sorted the pictures from my sisters birthday party! Deer me!

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