Monday, 7 January 2008

new studio = pain in the foot

studio in progress 4

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This is the result of a long day of cleaning, moving things, dropping things, throwing things, injuring myself and random swearing. Yes - a half empty room! Or as I like to call it, my new studio.
I'm not totally enamoured with the location - it's my youngest sisters bedroom (well it's not anymore, she moved out) so there was a lot of stuff to move that has been dumped there over the years. There still is a lot to move, as currently I only moved it to the otherside of the room - but that will be done tomorrow as I really hurt my foot and can't stand on it at the moment!
I hope once my things are in there and I'm properly set up it will feel more like mine, and not like I'm camping out. I know this is actually exactly what I'm doing. This is in no way a permanent space - but I'd still like to feel at home. And then I can get some proper work done!
Tomorrow the rest will get done and my things moved in. I'm also hoping to convince my mum to come to the Charity Barn with me so I can buy a couple of comfy chairs (one for the computer, the other for the desk in the studio) so I don't end up crippled from working. And who knows what other bits of dusty tat I shall end up with!

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