Sunday, 6 January 2008

shopping trip from hell

This weekend myself and a friend ventured into the metropolis they call Aberdeen. I haven't been shopping in real life shops for a while (as I possibly mentioned in my last blog). I don't think I shall be bothering again for a while. I'm not quite sure whether I wish to purchase things so obscure that nobody stocks them, or whether the shops are just useless! There are certain things, Japanese craft magazines/books which I knew there was probably no hope in finding. But things such as a Queen Adreena album, basic art materials, shoes, Brothers Quay DVD etc...I thought wouldn't be too hard to source. I was obviously wrong. And in the process of trying to find these 'obscure items', I get attacked by giant rucksacks - which contained supplies large enough to last a month long expedition to the Artic, get pushed out of the way, walked into, have people standing around chatting and getting in my way, far too involved in their conversation to hear me asking them politely to move. That was just in HMV. Waterstones was just as bad, except there seemed to be an added extra - an army of children had been let loose, who threw every book they could reach on the floor. Where were the parents!!? Probably consumed by the ridiculous amount of books in the cooking section, which appears to have also consumed 2/3's of the art section. It is now pitifuly tiny. No hope of finding anything in there. There was one small success, in terms of shopping anyway. I found some tights! Raspberry pink ones, black ribbed ones - I'm sure I put more in my basket, but this is all I ended up with and it will do me for now. There was also a nice top I bought...all from Primark (the devils shop). I gave up on everything else in the end. Internet shopping is my friend.
We came home and stopped off at Balmedie beach on the way home. Not that we stayed out of the car for long as it was freezing. Beautiful beach tho!
The friend has now returned down south, back to Birmingham. I am once again left with my own company (plus various parents, cats and birds) and have lots of work to get done. Starting with creating 'my studio' in my (not so) new abode.

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