Saturday, 9 February 2008


The craft shop I visited today, was as expected quite awful. It was filled with a mixture of gaudy and twee card making and scrap booking things, not the beads and jewellery findings I was promised. I'm not quite sure why, but whenever I discover a new craft shop I always build it up to be something quite fantastic in my head - I'm always going to be disappointed really. I bought a few metres of over priced velvet ribbon, just so the trip was not a complete waste of my time.
The saving grace of the afternoon was a visit to my mothers friends soon to be shop, located in an old church in a little village between here and the town which is home to the awful craft shop. At the moment it's filled with junk, and stock from their old gift shop, which they are selling off to make room for the new shop things. I bought a couple of little treasures, a cardboard heart shaped box with an image of some children on it and a Victorian chemists bottle to add to the collection. Forgive the lack of visual evidence and prettiness - my camera has decided to drain itself of life, even though I only just charged it. They cost a grand total of twenty pence - and I snuck them into the pile of things my mother was buying, so they cost me nothing at all!
Linda at the shop has also expressed interest in selling some of my jewellery, but at the moment I'm not quite sure when the new shop will be up and running.

Since being home I've been browsing the internet buying the supplies I went in search for today and looking at blogs - and I've found some amazing ones today. Firstly Sarah Blank, which I found via etsy I believe, although I'm now not too sure. She creates such beautiful things, and goes for walks in such a beautiful wood! I wish there was a wood I could go walking in near here, I guess for now I shall have to make do with the trees at the back of the house - there are snowdrops popping up all over the place, so beautiful (again you will have to use your imagination on this one!) Then I found Little Brown Sparrow, again I'm not quite sure how, she creates such beautiful artwork, and takes such beautiful photographs and posts such beautiful things! Dear me, bit of an overkill with the word beautiful I feel....just go and look at them both, you will see what I mean.

Tonight I am sitting with my journal, listening to the new Queen Adreenda album (which is not really that new, but I only got it last week) and letting my mind wander. I'm exhausted, so I hope my pen will just take over....

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Little Brown Sparrow said...

I do the same thing when it comes to craft shops. I expect them to be wonderous things filled with all the elements I can never find, and oh so cheap...and then they turn out to be rather bleh.

Thank you so much for your sweet words about me...I am so pleased to discover your blog, it's gone straight on my link list!