Friday, 8 February 2008


I can't believe it's Friday already! I seem to have lost a couple of days. I did spend most of yesterday in bed, I really wasn't feeling too good (which probably had something to do with staying up till gone 3am the night before) so rested, read and watched awful TV. I did get up, make cookies, then I took them back to bed with a nice cup of coffee and read some more.
But really, where has the rest of the week gone!?

Oooh Puzzlecat I'm gonna grab your head!! Here is a picture of one of my fetchings - I should actually say here's a really bad picture of one of my fetchings. I'd have messed around with it a bit, or taken a better one, but I'm really all photo-ed out today. I spent the morning taking pictures of my artwork for my MFA application. I'm actually quite amazed at how clear they came out - the light here remains awful (or atleast did until I decided to go to the supermarket this afternoon - then in was beautifully sunny....until I got home and it was dark....typical!!)

just a small selection of pictures taken today. I really hope they're all good enough. They have to be really. They're all being sent off tomorrow. With a newly printed out application form, as right now Puzzle is sleeping on it!

Anyway, needless to say after spending yesterday doing nothing productive and finalising my application today, I'm still yet to finish off my resin things, my slip dress, some jewellery, brooches.....bad, bad Emily! But, instead of finishing those off tonight I'm starting off some new brooch ideas - similar to the tree one in my shop.

Tomorrow...tomorrow I am venturing to the next town to visit a new craft shop - it's not new, just new to me - I'm hoping they have what I'm after as well as other things that are pretty and/or exciting that make me want to buy them. I was going to go into Aberdeen, but really all I *need* is a couple of necklace clasps, and going on an 80mile round trip and spending £10 on the bus, plus food/coffee really doesn't seem worth it for 60p worth of findings! If only I was more organised when it came to buying supplies online. I just put in and received an order, and simply forgot I needed these and it also seems silly to pay shipping costs which are about 10x more than what I'm buying! Anyway, hopefully it's as good as the woman who recommended it to me says it is. And hopefully they sell ribbon too, preferably velvet ribbon in colours other than black or red. I really need to get my act together and order some online, but I'm unsure about the colours...I should stop thinking about ribbon - I'm probably getting my hopes up too much about this shop!

Right, I'm off to fit 3 days into the next few hours!