Saturday, 2 February 2008

second post of the day but a post of firsts

Goodness me, 2 posts in one day!?

It's been a day of firsts for me today.....firstly......first time as featured seller on a blog, and the first featured seller at that (shall I try and fit another first in that sentence?!)

It's a little bit scary answering questions about yourself, especially when you're not at all prepared....but I managed :)
Organidog also sells fabulous organic dog treats and punky dog clothing and accessories, which if I had a dog I'd snap up immediatley. However, I just have my little Puzzlecat, who would not appreciate wearing a dress. Which is a shame really - I think he'd look quite dashing.

The second first was an etsy treasury, although only a treasury west, but still a treasury! I was also quite unprepared for that, and possibly spent far too long organising it instead of working (oops!) but i like how it turned out, so it was all worthwhile! Go and look at the prettiness.

Amongst all this I actually did get work done. I started 2 new paintings (my first of this year!) and got on with some brooches. All of these will be revealed at a later date as after fun and games in the snow this morning my cameras battery has died a cold and snowy death.

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