Friday, 7 March 2008

I am tired and liable to rant and ramble about silly things...

I've been fairly busy the last few days, although it's the kind of busy that seems to show no finished result. I was like this at uni - constanly busy, but people (well other students, the tutors were aware I was working) always commented on the lack of work I had done, or lack of work I had to show. I apologise for being able to look lazy whilst I work, I apologise for appearing to take day long coffee breaks and most importantly I apologise for not churning out shit. I've been thinking about college a lot recently. I suppose it's because I am waiting quite anxiously to hear about my MA (although it is not yet mine). I loved it, I loved the tutors, but the other students...maybe I shouldn't go there! If you've got nothing nice to say and all that.

Anyway....I have lots of ideas whirling around my head, things that don't quite make sense to me yet, but will hopefully transform to fully formed ideas after a little more thought and reading and scribbling and writing.

I'm off to Edinburgh next weekend, my work is going in an exhibition about which aims to ask the age old question - What is Art? run by the Philosophy Society. It should be interesting. I'm exhibiting The Family (book with mouse to give it it's common name!), although I am changing it a little before it gets shown. I've also been volunteered to advise on the hanging of the work, as this is the first exhibition they've put on and at the end of the day are philosophers, so are much better at thinking about things than actually doing them! I can just imagine them in a huge debate about which is the
right screw to use or something!
So anyway, three days in the Capital, which means culture, people, excitement, activity! What shall I do....must find out what else is on, as my last visit was spent mostly hungover, well actually mostly drunk and the remainder hungover thus missing a great deal of things. This time shall be different. If I say it with enough conviction, it will become true!

I'm currently listening to Blue Mountain by Michael Hurley - such a beautiful song and such a beautiful, honest voice. Espers have also done a version, which is also good, but not quite as good as Mr. Hurley.

I am going to go and get myself lost in my journals again now. I love working, thinking, imagining when I'm tired - it brings a whole new perspective to things.

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