Sunday, 2 March 2008

more treasure...

The weekend has been fabulous, it's not quite over yet, but my friend is now headed back down the motorway, so it really is.
We went in search of an antiques fair/junk shop/car boot sale in Elgin - we really didn't know what to expect. It was a 2 hour drive, plus an hours walk around the town trying to find it (being slightly distracted by coffee and fabric shops). By the time we finally did find it - at around 12pm, everybody was packing away which was slightly disappointing as the advert I'd seen said the place was open until 4pm. But most of the stalls that were left open were fantastic - old china, silver, books, pictures, frames - really everything I've wanted the car boot sales I used to visit every Sunday morning to be! If only we'd got there sooner, we'd have had a much better chance to look. Right at the back of the place was a shop, which appeared to be the only permanent fixture, if it wasn't permanent - then I'd hate to be responsible for clearing it away!! It was absolutley packed full of stuff. I managed to find a few little treasures amongst it all - doilies, picture frames, a bag full of vintage sewing things. I really wish we could have had longer to look....

It's been quite a good weekend for acquiring treasure! As well as the market finds, my friend kindly brought up a lot of things I'd not been able to fit in the car when I moved - the other half of my knitting machine, sketchbooks, boxes of things I collected for my art - so not new things, but things I've not seen for a while. Plus on our return last night I'd got lots of parcels full of vintage jewellery findings, and other exciting things for me to make into wonderful things for the shop.

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