Thursday, 28 February 2008


I've been re-discovering hidden treasures today. I found this box filled with little things I had scattered around the house before I left. Random polaroids - altered by being scratched, burned and screwed up, so not of anything at all, but it's amazing the memories they evoke even without any visual reference. The rest is a mixture of jewellery, a little dolls head, burnt metal and rabbit jaw bones. All bringing back lots of memories - some good, some not so much...but all things I will keep.....
...probably forever.
Sorting through old sketchbooks and journals I found some colour photograms from a couple of years ago. I loved making these. I guess a colour dark room and processor shall be added to the list of things I'd love to have one day!
I really need to go through my old journals more often, pick up some of the ideas that never happened, and carry on the ideas that got left behind.

My friend is coming to visit tomorrow for a few days, so I shall be off visiting castles and beaches, I'm just not sure which ones yet, I must do some research to find out what's open at this time of year. Maybe it's just best to look forward and not dwell on the past....

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