Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Don't you just love being hit with a huge wave of inspiration?

Today started off being completley awful - well, I woke up in such a good mood - it didn't last long, probably all of half an hour. Everything I've attempted has just turned into a mess and I ended up sitting at my work desk staring out of the window getting more and more annoyed with myself for not being able to do anything. I came away from the mess and suddenly everything just clicked into place. Pages and pages of sketches and ideas! New accessories, new art work - I just have to keep the momentum going and actually get started now! haha. Is it silly when the first thing I do is blog about having an idea, rather than trying it out!? Possibly - but then it maybe best not to rush into things, or I'll end up with another big mess on my hands!

Anyway, now I've returned to my usual happy self (haha) I shall talk of other wonders that have made me happy this past couple of days.

I watched the most odd film last night. Valerie and her week of Wonders.
I recommend it to anybody, a kind of Alice in Wonderland, magical, very strange and creepy film. And so beautiful! I've had the soundtrack on the computer for ages 'borrowed' from a friend and now he's finally got hold of the film and lent me that. We discovered it through Espers/Fern Knight who've collaborated, with others, to create a new soundtrack for it - although I've not heard it yet.
Ok - maybe I shall continue this post once I've done a bit of work!! I might run out of steam, or my mind may go blank and I'll loose my sketchbook in the mess that is my studio.....what would I do then!? I shall continue to fuel my good mood by listening to music very loudly, drinking too much coffee and making a fabulous mess (opposed to an awful mess, which is what I was doing this morning!)

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh, I hate it when nothing seems to go right. I'm glad that turned around in such a big way for you! Now get to work! lol
Smiles, Karen