Monday, 25 February 2008


We got the new ducks today. Poor things were so filthy and quite featherless in places - note the difference between the old (swimming) and the new. They seem to have settled in quite well though and have been in and out of the pond, eating and saying hello to the other ducks. They're now all tucked up in bed, in their little hut. Quite odd really as the two we already had have refused to go in the hut for ages, but tonight were desperate to get in to be with the new ones (or protect their territory!).

The rest of today has been eaten up, and I'm not quite sure what I've done, or where the time has gone. Now off to wrap up warm, watch a film and eat chocolate - nice things in the post again today! Tomorrow will hopefully be much more productive and much less cold and windy (although I will settle with just the first, which is possibly best after seeing the weather forecast for tomorrow!)

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