Saturday, 23 February 2008

join the dots

Well I smell lovely today! Just thought I should tell the world. I got a package this morning from Lollibomb and it really was just what I needed after a few days of feeling like shite.

I spent a good deal of yesterday browsing blogs and websites linked from this lovely lady's blog who left a comment or two on here. It's strange how things are all connected, or become connected.
Somewhere along the line through the links I found the work of Anne Mawby, who makes such beautiful, understated work. A lot of it is made using holes pierced into paper....

I've spent the last few days piercing holes into canvas - and small ones at that, and my hand is killing me, which makes her work even more amazing - her hand must've ached so much after 6 hours piercing a day for 6 weeks!!
So thankyou Susan, for commenting and enabling me to find this artist!

Apart from the hole piercing, a little paint smearing and a lot of blog reading I've not done a great deal else. I listed a couple of bits on etsy, one of which has already gone :)
I've just read this post back to myself and it makes very little sense! I really should ellaborate and be more coherent, but today I won't be - blame the last remaining bits of illness!


Snowflower Street said...

Hello Lost in the forest, I finally got a Blogger acct. so now I can post. Are you, by any chance, having difficulty getting on Etsy today? Wanted to make sure it wasn't just me.

I like your new clock piece.

lostintheforest said...

Hi Dahlila! Yes, Etsy was down for a while yesterday - back to normal now tho!
Glad you like the clock....although I've not finished it yet!