Thursday, 21 February 2008

i want to live inside a cuckoo clock

I've found a reason for my headache and tiredness over the past couple of days. The Dreaded Lurg. I've woken up this morning and my entire body is aching and my throat feels as though there is something wedged down there, my head is still aching and I'm still tired. Not good at all.

I feel like going back to bed and curling up in the warmth, but instead I'm struggling on. I've given myself an easy day today researching, computing, with a little bit of painting. I decided against tackling anything that I could easily mess up and get annoyed with....i.e. -sewing!

The post brought nice things today. My new clock case (see above- with the lovely roses my mother bought me, reduced after valentines day - the best time for flowers!) which will be transformed into something fantastic, although I'm not quite sure what yet. I also received news on my MFA application!!! They've acknowledged receipt and it's now being considered!! I really am too impatient - I wanted an immediate decision!! The post also brought not so nice rejection letters for the much coveted position at the farming museum. I'm beginning to think I'm totally unemployable.
I've also had news of my findings delivery - they called this morning to say they were sending it special delivery today, so I should have things by tomorrow. It's quite amazing how quickly people respond to a paypal claim! Apparantly it has already been posted and must have gone missing somewhere along the way. But really, they could have responded to my emails to tell me so. I really do despise being ignored!

So, I must get back to researching, buying books - do I really need any more!? and trying to figure out Dreamweaver....although Dreamweaver may wait until my head isn't so fuzzy.


sarah brittany said...

the flowers & clock case are gorgeous!

Kruse said...

Unemployable artists! Been there, done/doing that, so you have my sympathy and solidarity. Also, I woke up this morning with a chest infection AND I'm going through the tortutous (?) process of getting on an MA. So how weird is that? Just goes to show...something. Anyway loved you blog would like to add you to my list of favorites please.

lostintheforest said...

Thanks Sarah :)

Of course Kruse - I left a message on your blog!

Kruse said...

And I live in Solihull!!! (just visited your website).
Curiouser and curiouser...

lostintheforest said...

indeed! How very odd - I move 400andsomething miles away and 'meet' people that I used to live round the corner from! Not that I lived in Solihull...but you know what I mean!

dollface design said...

so sorry you're feeling pukey :( seems everyone has been sick these days, hope you have a speedy recovery! that clock case is totally gorgeous by the way, i can't wait to see what magic you create with it ♥ i'll also be keeping my fingers crossed for you (re: mfa) good luck!