Wednesday, 20 February 2008


More new things finished and listed today. This is the cuff I love, but I gave in and listed it anyway.

Apart from finishing off some cuffs the rest of the day has been spent doing things which have given me a headache - sorting out files on the computer, making spreadsheets.....

I've spent the best part of the afternoon trying to sort out my website ( it's driving me mad! So I'm now downloading a trial of Adobe Flash CS3 to see if I can use that to make it work a bit better. It's all a bit slow at the moment - and I'm not sure that half of the things I've done are even noticeable! Saying that, it was exactly the same with my degree show - I spent so long hiding secrets around the installation, that nobody even saw!
I am now going to go and watch Grand Designs and do some sketching....and hope my head stops hurting once I get away from the computer!