Tuesday, 19 February 2008

It's been such a beautiful day today, fog and sunshine. Every time I looked up from my work the view had changed. It finally settled on low fog - although not quite as foggy as in the picture....that's from a few days ago. The ghost road to the village.

My creative energy seems to have re-appeared today after days of migraines, stress and not getting much done. Maybe it's something to do with getting good post this morning! I received a beautiful necklace from bamsmama off etsy. It's made from a lava stone! As usual my camera has died a death - but click on the link and it will show all!

I've finished off a few brooches, taken photos (when my camera was behaving), started some new brooches, listed things on etsy, and started some wrist cuffs, made some cinamon biscuits, cleaned and done the ground work for 2 canvases.
I'm totally in love with one of the cuffs; red silk with lace and ribbon and embroidered text. I might have to make myself something similar!

I managed to get one necklace finished and listed today. The rest are still waiting for the delivery of findings I placed ages ago now. I emailed yesterday to see where they'd got to, but as yet haven't received a reply. I'm really disappointed because this company are usually excellent and have things delivered within a couple of days. Maybe I'm just being to impatient!

I hope tomorrow is as productive as today, and hopefully the findings will arrive so I can get on with the pile of pendants waiting for a home....


Ade said...

love your necklaces, love your blog even more!

can i link you? :D

lostintheforest said...

Thanks :)

Sure you can link me - how do I see your blog? - your profile won't show