Sunday, 17 February 2008

catch up

No update for 4 days....dear me! The past few days seem to have flown by, although now looking back, Thursday seems so long ago. I can't even remember Thursday...It's always the way I guess.

Friday I had an interview for a 'real' job. I knew that at some point I would be required to grow up for a while and behave like an adult, but I would really prefer not to! Anyway, I think it went OK, but we shall see. It's a permanent position, which isn't really ideal (i didn't tell them about my MFA application). If I don't get this job, I'm going to try an agency to see about some temporary work, at least then I don't have to lie, because after all I do need the money if I'm going to be going back to uni.
The rest of Friday was much more pleasant, shopping in Aberdeen. I found a wonderful charity shop, but unfortunately couldn't actually buy, or even get to the wonderful things inside as there was a gaggle of ancient ladies re-arranging the shop blocking me whichever way I tried to go! I know where it is at least, and can return at a later date when they've finally figured out where to put things! The rest of the day was spent buying ribbons, trims, fabric and canvas...a small selection (in a really bad photo)

I really do mean the rest of the day - the woman serving me was so slow!! I felt like grabbing the stuff she was cutting and doing it myself, although I know from my experience working in a fabric shop that would have been the most annoying thing I could have done! So I left her to it. I got out eventually, went and met my mother where we spent an age deciding which curtains she should buy. It turned out to be such a long day....

Yesterday I slept late, woke up with a migraine, did a small amount of brooch making, fell asleep for a few hours, woke up, ate, went to bed early and watched the entire 1st series of Black Books (although I actually fell asleep at the end of the third episode I think!).

This morning I woke up feeling much, much better. I'd just sat down to plan my day, when my dad appeared in the door way saying I should add finding snow to my list! So off we went, in search of snow! 2 hours later we were at the Lecht ski centre, where we were quite disappointed at the small amount of snow that was there! We went into the cafe, had a disgusting sandwich, and equally disgusting coffee. Then drove home, along the mountain tops, seeing all manner of nature - 2 golden eagles, and a few mountain hares, although the hares were all squished in the middle of the road! then via Balmoral Castle, where we completely disregarded the No Entry signs and went in search of red squirrels up the drive way - we didn't find any, but nearly ran one over once we had got out! We missed and he ran up a tree and posed for a photo. Unfortunately, my camera refused to turn on in a timely manner (as usual) and so I got him just as he was running away.

4 hours later we arrived home! A fun day out, although I'm still a bit disappointed we didn't go back the way we came so I could stop off at the most wonderful antiques shop I saw - complete with fibreglass fair ground giraffe in the window - and the wool shop at Alford. But if we had, I wouldn't have seen Mr. Squirly squirrel, or the eagles, or the numerous other things I saw...and the antiques shop and wool shop will be there another time. Maybe not the fair ground giraffe tho.

Tomorrow I must make new things. Do some art. Not get distracted by offers of trips out. Although that won't be hard, as I'm sure the only place anybody will visit tomorrow is the Post Office and the supermarket - not quite as exciting as mountains, snow and squirrels!

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