Wednesday, 13 February 2008

a list of things I haven't done today

I'm really going to have to stop writing lists, or at least publicly declaring them! So here is a list of what I have not done today, and accompanying excuses!
Today I have not put in an order with Tirantis (i can't decide how much plaster to buy),
I have not finished off the necklaces and brooches I was working on (still waiting for supplies to be delivered, so I started new ones instead)
I did not list things on Etsy (see above)
I did not walk down the unknown path (I found out that it no longer leads anywhere, well to a building site - instead I took a walk through the village and a couple of miles out the other side to pick up the car from the garage with my dad)

I did however complete the things on my list which weren't publicly declared....embroidering, more baking, visiting salvage yards....all of which may be discussed later (the walk today has tired me out)

I made a treasury on Etsy yesterday, lots of beautiful things, all from the UK....a small sneak preview below (although the bird doll in picture is actually not in the treasury, it's by the fabulous Sarah Ogren, who is also worth a look) So, go and see the treasury, and look at all the beautiful artists within


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