Tuesday, 12 February 2008

out of control.....

Installation - view from above

My MFA application was finally sent off yesterday. The rest of my life now lays in the hands of somebody else.....scary! But I can now get on with things other than re-photographing my work and panicking about and constantly checking what I've written or whether my photographs are good enough. I can now just worry about all that unable to actually change anything! Installation - view from below

I'm not myself you see

Today has been spent helping out my parents, visiting DIY shops, looking at and choosing wallpaper as they're redecorating one of the bathrooms. I also picked up a few things for myself - some disposable gloves and some adhesives - exciting purchases! Pretty things (ribbons and buttons) turned up in the post this morning, which makes up for my boring purchases today!
This afternoon I have been baking - orange and poppy seed muffins and some honey & oatmeal cookies. Tasty!

But tomorrow, I have much more exciting and creative and productive things on my to-do list. And tomorrow they will get done.
The list includes, but does not stop at...
Putting an order in at Tiranti's - alginate, plaster & new respirator filters
Finishing off brooches & necklaces I've been working on
List new things on Etsy
Go for a walk down the path that goes to somewhere....I'm not sure where it leads....

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thecuriousrabbit said...

i love getting mail! especially the nice stuff like ribbons! i got earrings today and waiting on shoes... yey!