Sunday, 30 March 2008

See, it is not always doom, gloom here! I made this little pink 'bunny' today for a friend who's recently had a baby. I haven't made anything soft and squishy and cute for ages....I think the last things were a load of faceless dolls at uni...and they definitely weren't cute. Very squishy...but not in a nice way! I actually really enjoyed making something completely different. As you can see from the pictures, he isn't perfect - his face is a bit squished, and the green flowery bit is not in the 'correct' place. In fact he doesn't look much like a bunny either, and nothing at all like my original sketch! But I love him any way.....although not too much as I have to give him away tomorrow. I might just have to make myself one later on!

He (well his head) does bear an uncanny resemblance to Julie Arkell dolls - although completely unintentional. I only noticed when I got buried under a pile of books whilst looking for a card that I've hidden somewhere and the cute Julie Arkell book landed at my feet!


Jennifer Rose said...

very cute bunny!!

is that an old Singer?

Helen said...

That bunny is so cute! Lovely baby gift.
Thanks for popping in and commenting on my blog! I'm definitely going to write up that tutorial.