Friday, 28 March 2008

when it rains it pours...

Well, actually it snows!.....but really everything seems to have gone wrong at the same time. I shall not go into details, but the past week has not been fun at all! Fingers crossed the rain will stop! I want sunshine and light please!

What with everything going on this week I've hardly got any of work done although I'd planned on doing loads. One thing that went wrong was my computer dying on me - I finally fixed it (it decided to behave after I threatened to throw it out of the window) but this somewhat hindered everything I usually do - I really wasn't aware how much I depend on my computer until it was gone! It's still not back to it's usual self, it's running very slowly, but for now it is OK. And since it has been fixed I've got none of 'my' work done because my parents B&B website needed an overhaul so I thought I'd get that done before my computer completely dies on me! It's pretty much finished now, although my mum now wants a fancy picture gallery too (I wish she'd have told me before I started as it'd have been much easier!) Anyway, if anybody fancies a break in Scotland visit the website ;)
I really do need to start getting myself organised! (do I say this every blog post??) It is finally decided that I will be moving to Edinburgh in a month!!! Argh! I'm moving in with my sister until I can get myself sorted out. In the mean time I'm applying for jobs there, so I will have something to start when I get there. It's pretty nerve racking. I haven't really had to do any moving on my own for a long time, apart from the move home...and then I was coming home, so it really doesn't count!


dollface design said...

oh, i do hope all gets better and sorted out, so that you can relax and enjoy the sunshine and warm breezes that will hopefully be coming your way any day now!!! i will be keeping my fingers crossed for sunny skies and clear, wispy blue clouds, and warm winds, and i'll send them all your way! good luck with your move and take care!

renee said...

You have a great blog! Your photos are gorgeous and your work is awesome!