Tuesday, 6 October 2009

the hunt

I had the fortune to go to the West Park Place WASPS open studios on Saturday....Looking at art, and nosing into peoples space is a nice way to spend an afternoon!

I went to see Lisa, who makes fabulous silver, slate and gold jewellery, which I only wish I could afford!

I fell in love with the work of Christine Clark (pictured) and Jo Arskey, (not to be confused with the fabulous illustrations of Jo Askey :p) and again, only wish I had spare cash to spend on art. Repeating a little mantra of 'you can't eat art' all the way around seemed to help a little....although it was repeated with a sulky pout on my face.

So, now, high on the smell of oils and the visions of carefully collected clutter, I have upped the hunt for a studio space I can call my own (or our own, as Claira and Amy are also on the hunt) little cupboard is not working as, well it is just not working. It is a cupboard and I store things in there, bring them out and take over the whole flat with making things, and never put them away. But, ever concious of making too much mess, I control what I make, keep things simple and never paint....and right now it is making me a little this space I guess....we viewed one yesterday and looking at another....fingers crossed....


The Girl Who Loves Velvet said...

i love the blog! such great photos :)
if you have time would you look at mine?
thanks and keep it up!

Red Ruby Rose said...

Reading this post takes me back... I used to have a studio at WASPS. Great place!

bathmate said...

it really very good.
I love it !
I like it !
thanks :)- .