Friday, 8 January 2010

Dear Blogger, it's been one month since my last confession....

Happy New Year!! 

To be fair, December was awfully busy, and I was ill throughout the whole of it, so I shall not dwell on my lack of blogging, or really tell you about what I've been doing - I shall just tell you of the new things going on in the new and currently rather snowy year!

As well as all the new products I'm working on (which will be revealed in time..) there are a few things popping up in January that are worth mentioning....

Firstly Dolly Mixtures is a new event hosted by The Electric Circus, which Magpie are helping to organise some fabulous crafty stalls - Thursday night fun! Hop on over to the Magpie blog to find out more...

Secondly I will be running a little workshop/demo at the Made in the Shade Maisonette over in Glasgow towards the end of the month....check out their blog for more info and I'm sure you will see a little sneaky peak of what I'm doing here closer to the time.

Thirdly.....well, just wait and see! It is the new year after all and it's all about surprises and new beginnings :)

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