Saturday, 12 March 2011


Well, one week later, what have I accomplished?

  • A fantastically snotty cold, complete with a couple of days in bed and the rest of the week feeling rather ill. 
  • A day spent in a post-cold haze having my hair cut (2 hours spent in front of a mirror looking rather dead does not do wonders for the self-esteem) and having lunch with my boy at a very nice French place. 
  • A day spent with my nephew - at home whilst he was sick. We still had fun however, watching Peppa Pig, doing puzzles, playing with Play-Doh, Skyping with my sister and eating soup (and cake). This was after a brief period of screaming because silly aunty Emily had left his treasured Peppa Pig wellies in the pushchair downstairs (I didn't realise he was wearing them, he came out of the pushchair sans wellies so I just presumed in my sisters rush to get out that morning they hadn't bothered to put them on). They were retrieved and all was well. 
  • No sewing, no reading, no friends visiting, no beaches and no photos. I should not plan perhaps, when I'm this prone to illness?
I have however discovered Pinterest and keep dipping in and out when I have a little spare time. It's rather lovely having little digital pinboards, much easier and organised than saving your favourite images to your computer where, on mine anyway, things get lost and end up without a source. And you get to share what's in your brain and discover what's in other peoples too. I have some free invites if you'd like one?

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