Monday, 21 January 2008


yes, yes I finally listed things in my etsy store

^^^ Loook ^^^

I've done nothing particularly creative today however - I've been updating flickr, myspace and etsy all day, occaisionally getting side tracked by beautiful art work, which I'm rather annoyed I didn't bookmark - I'll have to trawl through my history files later!

I am going to attempt to finish knitting the 'fetching' I started (the week before Christmas) for my mum and will make a start on the second of my own (which I started even longer ago). I really am such a bad knitter. Not bad, as in rubbish, but bad as in bad, if you get what I mean! I just love the idea of things, but once I get going I find something else I love more, so I end up with loads of unfinished knitted things all over the place. I think that's why I prefer sewing - it's closer to instant gratification than knitting is. Maybe I just need to practice more and my knitting will speed up! My sister is a fast knitter, my mother even faster - but then they only do garter or stockinette stitch and that just isn't pretty enough for my liking!

I saw a great programme on TV last night, it was a Tim Burton special on The Southbank show. It was really good to see him talking about his films. And made me want to watch them all again! Then I remembered that I don't actually own any as I didn't need to - I had them all to hand in Birmingham, but now I've moved I don't. A situation which will have to be rectified I think.
Also, to tie in with the air of the macabre created by Mr Burton little Puzzle cat came in, sat on my sketchbook and left bloody little claw prints all over a nice white page! He really is turning into a little monster now he's allowed outside!

but look at him now - a little wolf in sheeps clothing!

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