Tuesday, 22 January 2008

happy dancing and secrets

Well I've just been put in a very good mood - I made my first sale on etsy...followed by another about 5 minutes later! Yay - I'm doing a happy dance...although a slightly odd one as I'm shivering so much, it's freezing here today. I really didn't think I'd sell anything so quickly.

I've been working on new things today, although for now they shall remain top secret! I'm a little bit annoyed with it tho as I have to leave 24 hours until the next stage. Patience is really not my you already knew if you read about my knitting yesterday! That obviously didn't get finished last night, although I did get some done - and a bit today whilst taking coffee breaks.

Tonight I shall be working on some more new things. I had an idea for a new embroidered book earlier on and want to get the ideas down on paper before the idea disappears.

Infact, I shall keep this post short and sweet as I'm going to go and wrap myself up in bed with sketchbook, cat and a nice mug of something hot to keep warm.

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