Wednesday, 23 January 2008

so long....

Tomorrow I am off on a jaunt across the country so I'll be away until next Tuesday. I still have so much to sort out for the trip - packing being the main one! I have an interview for a 'real job' on the way there - a complete inconvenience really! It means I have to wear suitable interview clothing, which is comfortable enough to wear on a train for a few hours, which I also don't mind wearing out sociably, because as soon as I get to Edinburgh I'm off out!

Today has been most pleasant, and fairly productive (which is a good thing seen as I'm away for so long!) I got lots of new brooches and things almost finished this morning which I shall finish off and list on etsy on my return. I did a bit more work on the secret project - it worked well! But I've now misplaced it...or I should say my Dad has!
This afternoon I accompanied my Mother to the supermarket - always good fun! We spent ages going round in circles as she was convinced they were going to reduce things. The eternal bargain hunter! I'm exactly the same, I spend so long looking for a good deal that if I took into account my time, by time I find one it's cost about 10 times as much as if I'd bought the first thing I found!
We then went on a mini adventure. Mum decided we should go a different way home and find somewhere new! We ended up in St. Fergus, home to the gas terminal you can sometimes see from our kitchen window and a beautiful beach. We had a little stroll along the beach picking up shells and things. It was such a beautiful day! Unfortunatley I didn't have either my camera or phone - so no pictures!!

I also came up with a new design for some necklaces this afternoon - it has a couple of tiny flaws, so I'm keeping this one myself.

Just on a side thought The Cure must make a killing on having their music being used as background music on practically every programme on the BBC!!

Well, I should stop putting off this packing...

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